C. K. Hemsworth
Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology)

Mobile Counsellor, Family Support, Energy Healer, EFT, Workshop Facilitator & Hypnosis. 
I work with children, young people, and adults, family meetings, personal development, ebooks.






Mobile Counsellor.

I am based on the southside of Brisbane, Qld, Australia, providing workshops and counselling in and around the Bayside areas of Wynnum/Manly and Redlands, with other areas by arrangement. I am able to  travel anywhere in the Brisbane area, transport costs may need to be included. Other areas by arrangement. Feel free to phone or email me to discuss your needs.

I come to your home for confidential, face to face counselling. 

Family Meetings:

can be arranged at a time convenient for you and your family, taking in to consideration work commitments, children's activities and bed times. Available on evenings and weekends.                          $100 first hr,  $80 2nd hr

Individual Counselling for Adults, Children and Young People.

Counselling is to remain private between the person receiving counselling and the counsellor, that includes children and young people.

My number one priority is the welfare and protection of the child or young person.

Privacy for the client is essential, so a child or young person receiving counselling must feel they are in a safe place to talk freely. Only if the child or young person agrees and should the child/young person disclose information of a legal nature will a third party be informed, then only with the consent of the child/young person will a third party be informed. 

My Duty of Care remains with the child/young person not with the parent/ guardian or person who has engaged my services.

As this is a mobile service I need to ensure my own safety and if I feel that a location provided for counselling is unsuitable, then I will have to leave  and decline the location. A new location will then be arranged that is safe for everybody.                                    $100 / hr


Quit Smoking, Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss, Pain Management.  I use conversational hypnosis and come to your home where you feel safe and secure. Each session can last from 20 mins up to 2 hours with one flat fee. Several sessions may be necessary in some cases. Hypnosis may be used as a tool in any counselling session, if the client gives consent.                                      $100 

Contact made through email should include contact details and a brief description of the issues of concern. I will return contact as soon as possible.

Telephone counselling available for those who do't live near by.                              $80/hr

Debrief  telephone sessions are now available for anyone who would like someone to talk to after a hard or stressful week, or minor incident.     Sessions may last from 20 - 40 mins. 

$35 - 20 mins,   $40 - 30 mins. $55 - 40 mins. 

$80 - 1hr

Pre payment options for anyone who may require regular sessions. e.g. 2 hours for $140

Payment for hypnosis, individual and family counselling is to be made at the beginning of the session. Invoices will be provided to organisations at the time of the service or as soon as possible afterwards. Prompt payment is appreciated.

I may need to add Transport costs as well as the cost of any Tolls if asked to travel any distance. 

Chris Hemsworth

0439 775 115

[email protected]


Workshops will be conducted in the area of  Brisbane, Qld, Australia, before expanding further a field. Feedback is always welcome so that I can ensure the highest standard for all participants.

Employers and community groups are welcome to inquire about specific workshops for your staff and clients.

 - Stress Buster Workshops:
 suitable for all types and sizes of businesses and organisations, including high stress
 work places and organisations. 

Maximum of 20 per group. 


If you have larger groups call me to discuss options. 

 - KickStart 

   Learn to Love You

 a 4 hour workshop suitable for job       seekers and people with low self esteem or depression, includes a tea break. Uses aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.  

Maximum of 20 per group. $480

Book a Workshop for your clients or staff now. 

ContactChris Hemsworth

0439 775 115

[email protected] 












 "I   accept

myself ."

 Say Affirmations aloud, while looking at yourself in the mirror. This can be very difficult and will take practice and time.

Repeat Affirmation as many times as possible throughout your day.

       - - - - - - - - - - - -



A list of


for you to print out for

your own use.

Print to light card, cut out and keep on your desk or dressing table.

 Affirmations List 1




 All books now available on


 Any book marked as A.O. or A.T. are suitable for Adults Only as they contain Adult Themes not suitable for anyone under 15 and may be upsetting for some adults.



 A collection of short stories based on my work in child protection, residential care, and child safety, working with children, young people and their families. Adult Themes.

 Commuter Fiction:

an ideal read for that short trip into work or for that uplifting read in bed.  

The Commute.


 A short uplifting story for that work commute or at bed time. Meet Mark as he travels home from work on a hot summers day.

  High Hopes.


 A short uplifting story for that feel good sensation on the commute to work or at bed time. Meet Betty as she prepares for yet another job interview.

 Please remember that some of my work contains Adults Themes and is not suitable for anyone under 15.



  Please send me an email if you have any difficulties and enclose your email address and/ or phone number so that I can contact you .

Best Wishes

C.K. Hemsworth


Do you need particular Resource books? Contact me and let me know your needs and I will see what I can do. 

  Self Development E-Books

Therapist Work Books

 All e-books now available at 



Child's Talk


Therapist WorkBook. A book on how to communicate and develop a long lasting relationship with your child. Contains, Shopping Centre Tips and House Rules.

Love You          

 Therapist WorkBook. A guide for people who feel they are  isolated from  themselves and other people, or that your life is based solely around your children or your partner. A helping hand for women and men experiencing depression or low self esteem. 

Rules of Engagement or How to Argue Productively          


Therapist WorkBook for couples or anyone in a relationship who have difficulties with solving and resolving personal problems. Anyone can use these tips to prevent useless, unproductive arguing and achieve a win-win solution using recognised mediation and negotiations skills.   

Anger Management Work Book 


Therapist WorkBook. This is a work book for people who have trouble controlling their anger and need  to learn the skills to prevent their anger from taking over and ruining their lives.













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